Who/what inspired you to enter into the education field?
My 2nd Grade Teacher–Mrs. Webb

Tell us about your family? (children, pets, etc)
I have been married to my husband Jon for 20 years.  He is a loan officer at a local bank in our hometown.  We have a dog, her name is Bailey. 

What is your Teacher Leader Mission? YOUR WHY in the classroom? How do you #LeadTheCHARGE daily?
My mission is to help my students feel successful each day they are in the classroom.  I want them to have positive influences and experiences daily and when they leave each day they have learned something.

What is one attribute of leadership that you think is critical to possess as a Teacher Leader. Why?
I think for me organization is extremely important for me.  I try very hard to make sure that I always have a plan and think about what could go wrong.  I know that it is important to be flexible, but I also think that organization is of great importance.

What are ways that you engage families as part of the learning in your classroom/school?
I have a class website, class newsletter.

What “fingerprint” or lasting impression do you want to leave at your school or on your students?
I want my students to know that I was there for them, and that I was interested in what they were doing.

How do you maximize the strengths of those around you?
I make sure to celebrate the things that my students do well no matter how small the things  are that they are doing well.

What do you like most about teaching?
My favorite things about teaching are seeing my students be successful, and making connections with things they are learning.

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