Who/what inspired you to enter into the education field?

I was blessed to have fantastic teachers and coaches that encouraged, motivated and inspired me to pursue a field in education. Coach Sizemore, Coach Sutton and Coach Parsons always put my education first. They built a relationship with me outside of school at basketball. However, they have been with me through some of my greatest moments, but also some of my saddest. I still to this day could contact those ladies and know they would help me anyway they could. I’m so thankful for their influence in my life.

Tell us about your family? (children, pets, etc)

I am married to my husband Joey. I have a daughter named Lynlee. We have 2 dogs (Jack and Lucy) and 1 cat (Belle). We love to travel and spend time together. Walt Disney World is one of our favorite places.

What is your Teacher Leader Mission? YOUR WHY in the classroom? How do you #LeadTheCHARGE daily?

My mission is to motivate and encourage my students to be the best they can be inside and outside of the classroom. I am my students biggest cheerleader. I cheer them on in the classroom and at extracurricular activities. I want to be someone they can depend on and trust. I want them to know that someone believes in them and loves them.

What is one attribute of leadership that you think is critical to possess as a Teacher Leader. Why?

Being trustworthy and dependable. You have to set an example for others to follow.

What are ways that you engage families as part of the learning in your classroom/school?

I keep families connected to my classroom through Class DoJo and Remind App. I send out newsletters and pictures of what is taking place inside our classroom. I also invite parents to come in and visit on special nights and am always a phone call away if they need anything.

What “fingerprint” or lasting impression do you want to leave at your school or on your students?

I want my students to know once they are mine they are always mine. I will be here for them no matter what. Working in a K-12 school allows me the opportunity to stay in touch with my students up through graduation. I hope they know I will always be here for them and be cheering them on.

How do you maximize the strengths of those around you?

I love to collaborate and learn new things from my colleagues. I love working as a team because together everyone achieves more. I’m blessed to be in a school where everyone is considered family.

What do you like most about teaching? I love getting to invest in students in and out of the classroom. I enjoy getting to know them and watching them grow and flourish. Being able to encourage and motivate students is a blessing. Teaching is a calling and a work of heart in my opinion.

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