Who/what inspired you to enter into the education field? 

My 1st grade teacher inspired me to enter the education field. She was always so kind and welcoming to all of her students. I learned so much from her because she was patient and did whatever it took to help her students succeed. She is a person that still to this day talks to me and encourages me. When thinking of how to speak to and interact with my students I always consider her actions and how she would handle the situation.

Tell us about your family? (children, pets, etc) 

I am married to my middle school sweetheart. We have two beautiful daughters named Sophia (2) and Mya (7 months). We were born and raised in Corbin Ky and plan to raise our daughters here. We each have small families that we are very close to. I have one sister that is my best friend. I have many nieces and nephews that I adore. Family means a lot to me!

What is your Teacher Leader Mission? YOUR WHY in the classroom? How do you #LeadTheCHARGE daily? 

I aspire to be a safe space for students. I want my kids to feel comfortable around me and know that I love them. I want them to be able to make mistakes, have failures and successes, and know that their teacher will love them regardless. I feel that education has turned to more of a focus on test taking rather than focusing on the student as a whole. I want to take that pressure off of my students and remind them that they are more than just a test score.

What is one attribute of leadership that you think is critical to possess as a Teacher Leader. Why? 

I think having a positive attitude is very necessary. Many people go into situations with a negative outlook before giving things a chance. People make mistakes and have failures so I feel that in order to lead others you need to understand this.

What are ways that you engage families as part of the learning in your classroom/school? 

I ensure that I remain in contact with my student’s family frequently. I use Class Dojo in order to stay in touch with them. I speak to families about classroom issues and work together to solve problems.

What “fingerprint” or lasting impression do you want to leave at your school or on your students? 

I want students to remember me as a kind teacher. To me it isn’t about the test scores. Yes, that is important and it feels good to see progress but I feel students need to think of themselves as more than that. I want students to see me later in life and remember me because I made this lasting impression on them.

How do you maximize the strengths of those around you? 

I feel that I am good at encouraging others. I enjoy celebrating my fellow colleagues successes. I feel that everyone needs to be told how important they are and informed of what they are doing well. Everyone has a strength and that person can continue to grow when that strength is maximized and appreciated.

What do you like most about teaching? 

I absolutely love working with children. Teaching students content and watching them learn is so rewarding. It is the other aspects of the occupation that makes things less enjoyable. The kids are what it is all about.

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