Who/what inspired you to enter into the education field? 

I was inspired to enter the education field by my parents, Frank Clifford and Elizabeth Smith. After my husband and I were married he encouraged me to further my education career.

Tell us about your family? (children, pets, etc) 

I am married to the love of my life and high school sweetheart, Tommy. We have been married for 26 years. We have one son, Jeremiah who never ceases to amaze me. Our family lives on a small farm in Gray, Kentucky where we were born and raised.

What is your Teacher Leader Mission? YOUR WHY in the classroom? How do you #LeadTheCHARGE daily? 

My teacher leader mission is to always be the person students and adults know they can come to for safety. Someone who understands, someone who cares, the person who hears you and listens! Sometimes we need that one person who makes us feel we matter. I want to be that person. I want to inspire my teachers and students to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

What is one attribute of leadership that you think is critical to possess as a Teacher Leader? Why? 

A good leader must be a good role model for others.

What are ways that you engage families as part of the learning in your classroom/school? 

I engage families as part of the learning in my school through various ways including class newsletters, reading logs, positive phone calls, positive notes and many other things!

What “fingerprint” or lasting impression do you want to leave at your school or on your students? 

I want my students and teachers to remember me as a caring teacher who made a difference! Years from now I want people to say she cared about us! She helped me reach my full potential!

How do you maximize the strengths of those around you? 

I celebrate the strengths of others and help them grow!

What do you like most about teaching? 

I love seeing the “lightbulb” come on when students learn a new concept!

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