Dr. Nathan Coleman

Nathan is Associate Professor of History and Chair of the Department of History and Political Science at the University of the Cumberlands.  Nathan is an expert in the American founding, particularly on the era’s constitutional, political, and intellectual history.  He has published 3 books focusing on federalism and sovereignty in the Revolutionary era.  A native of Martin Co., KY, Nathan is a passionate, even fanatical, Elvis fan. He lives in Williamsburg, KY, with his beautiful wife, Dr. Emily Coleman, their two amazing teenage children, Alex and Lorelei, and German Sheppard, Tolkien.

Debra Cullen

Debra Cullen is a former English teacher with experience in high school education and career and technical education.  Debra is currently the owner of Debra Cullen Educational Consulting and a part-time school improvement instructional coach for the Southern Regional Education Board.  Debra specializes in literacy and teaching strategies for teachers as well as all school improvement initiatives. Debra has published a book entitled, 20 Top Teaching Strategies: A How-To and Why It Works Guide for Teachers Who Work Too Hard.  Debra lives in West Virginia with her three children, John, Michael and Caroline.

Dr. Damon Eubank

Dr. Eubank was born in Hardin County Kentucky and attended North Hardin High School many years ago. Dr. Eubank is a graduate of Campbellsville, Auburn and Mississippi State Universities.  For the last 30 years he taught at Campbellsville University.   Dr. Damon Eubank has been published in seventy-five books, articles, encyclopedia entries, presentations, and book reviews throughout his career.

In his spare time Dr. Eubank enjoys to  travel, he enjoys sports [especially baseball],  and music. 

Dr. Cynthia Resor

Cynthia Williams Resor taught high school social studies and sixth grade before deciding to pursue her dream of obtaining a Ph.D. in history. She is currently a professor at Eastern Kentucky University and has taught undergraduate and graduate teacher education courses, social studies for teachers, medieval history, U.S. History survey courses, humanities, and study abroad classes. She has published numerous journal articles and three books.

Cynthia loves history, especially the history of daily life and ordinary people, and she is always trying to spread her enthusiasm about history inside and outside of the classroom. She worked as a costumed interpreter, a “fake” Shaker, at the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill in central Kentucky. She surprises her students by appearing in historical costumes. She is obsessed with genealogy and local history and makes her students visit local historical sites. Cynthia forces her family and friends to visit old cemeteries and take vacations with her to historical sites, especially utopian communities. She lives in an old house, collects hair jewelry, old advice books, cookbooks, and other random ephemera from the past. Her dream job is a tour guide with a time traveling machine.

Visit her website https://teachingwiththemes.com/​ 

Dr. Adam Tate

Adam Tate is professor of history and chair of the department of Humanities at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia.  He earned a PhD from the University of Alabama in 2001.  Dr. Tate teaches, researches, and writes on the history of the Early Republic.